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01/02/2016 2015 Market Highlights - WFE Febrero 2015
19/06/2015 Block Trade FAQ - ICE Junio 2015
04/03/2014 BIVA Capital Markets and Economic Growth - Christoph Kaserer and Marc Steffen Rapp ** Marzo 2014
31/07/2017 Comparing global stock exchanges - Ernst & Young Enero
04/04/2017 Enhacing Liquidity in Emerging Market Exchanges - Oliver Wyman (World Federation of Exchanges) Abril 2017
09/06/2016 Changing business models of stock exchanges and stock market fragmentation - OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2016 Junio 2016
15/10/2014 Does Trading Anonymously Enhance Liquidity - Patrick J. Dennis and Patrik Sandås (University of Virginia) Octubre 2015
22/10/2015 The Impact of Limit Order Anonymity on Liquidity - Carole Comerton-Forde, Alex Frino and Vito Mollica (University of Sydney) Octubre 2015
14/07/1971 Which Road to an Efficient Stock Market: free competition or regulated monopoly - Seymour Smidt (Cornell University) ** Octubre 1971
23/09/2010 The optimality of a competitive stock market - Robert C. Merton (MIT Sloan) * Septiembre 2010
13/05/2016 Benefits of Competition and Indicators of Market Power - Council of Economic Advisers Mayo 2016
03/03/2006 Competition on the Nasdaq and the growth of electronic communication networks - Jason Fink (James Madison University), Kristin E. Fink (Rice University), and James P. Weston (Rice University) * Marzo 2006
22/12/2011 Why Fragmented Markets Have Better Market Quality: The Flight of Liquidity Order Flows to Off Exchange Venues - Christine Jiang (University of Memphis), Thomas McInish (University of Memphis) and James Upson (University of Texas) * Noviembre 2011
20/05/2016 Benefits of Exchange Competition - Rosenblatt ** Mayo 2016
06/03/2001 Creating Securities Markets in Developing Countries - Benn Steil (Council of Foreign Relations) Febrero 2001
13/05/2013 HFT and the new market makers - Albert J. Menkveld (University Amsterdam) Mayo 2013
14/01/2009 MiFID, Reg NMS and Competition Across Trading Venues - G. Petrella Enero 2009
16/03/2016 Diagnóstico del mercado de capitales - AMIB ** Febrero 2016
21/01/2011 Trading aggressivenes and market breadth - Sugato Chakravarty Enero 2011
14/01/2015 World Bank SME - World Bank Enero 2015
20/01/2012 The role of traditional exchanges in fragmented markets - Ulli F.P. Spankowski (University of Hohenheim) Enero 2012
25/01/2013 The impact of dark trading and visible fragmentation - Hans Degryse (KU Leuven and Tilburg University) Enero 2013
15/10/2013 Stock exchanges report - S&P Octubre 2013
16/03/2016 Research NBBO - Varios Febrero 2016
12/10/2005 Stock exchanges competitive challenges Harvard - Andreas M. Fleckner (Harvard Law School) ** Octubre 2005
16/06/2006 Reg NMS vs MiFID - Octavio Marenzi (Wall Street and Technology) * Junio 2006
04/12/2010 Non-execution and market share of crossing networks - Mao Ye Diciembre 2010
11/03/2015 MOO and MOC on NYSE and Nasdaq - Octavio Marenzi (Wall Street and Technology) Febrero 2016
08/07/2007 MiFID and Reg NMS comparison - ECMI Julio 2007
15/03/2012 Market fragmentation and information quality: the role of TRF trades - Christine Jiang (University of Memphis) Marzo 2012
11/02/2016 Liquidity the holy grail of markets - Mcquarie Febrero 2016
07/07/2012 Internalization and market quality - Danieal Weaver (Rutgers University) Julio 2012
13/12/2005 Institutional design and liquidity at stock exchanges around the world - Pankaj Jain (University of Memphis) Diciembre 2005
08/07/2011 Informational linkages between dark and lit trading venues - Mahendrarajah Nimalendran (University of Florida) Julio 2011
02/02/2012 The impact of market fragmentation on European exchanges* - CONSOB Febrero 2012
25/09/2011 Exchange-traded funds, market structure and flash crash - Ananth Madhavan (BlackRock) Septiembre 2015
21/08/2015 ESMA Waivers from pre-trade transparency - ESMA Agosto 2015
27/05/2011 Do MTFs contribute to market quality? - Ryan Riordan (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Mayo 2011
26/06/2010 Diving into dark pools - Sabrina Buti (University of Toronto) Junio 2010
11/09/2014 Diagnóstico general sobre la problemática en el mercado primario de capitales en México - AMIB Septiembre 2014
17/03/2009 Determinants of volume in dark pool crossing networks - Mark J. Ready (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Marzo 2009
08/12/2012 Determinants of liquidity and execution probability - William Peng (University of Sydney) Diciembre 2012
16/07/2003 Competing exchanges ** Sofia B. Ramos (HEC Lausanne, FAME and CEMAF/ISCTE) Julio 2003
18/05/2010 Equity Trading in the 21st Century - James J. Angel (Georgetown University) ** Mayo 2010
01/09/2017 The role of exchanges in fostering economic growth - WFE Septiembre 2017
10/02/2017 2016 Market Highlights - WFE Febrero 2017
01/03/1998 Competition and integration of exchanges in Europe Marzo
06/09/2005 Competition Between Stock Exchanges: Europe 2005 Septiembre
06/03/2007 Consolidating Stock Exchanges Marzo
01/05/2007 Best execution policy Europe MiFiD* Mayo
08/07/2007 MiFID and Reg NMS comparison - ECMI Julio
06/03/2009 Is market fragmentation harming market quality? Marzo
14/01/2010 Fragmentation, Competition and Market Quality: a Post-MiFID Analysis Enero
21/01/2010 SEC Concept Release on Equity Market Structure Enero
01/11/2010 Competition between stock exchanges: Research Agenda Noviembre
01/02/2011 Competition in Securities Markets: The impact on Liquidity* Febrero
13/07/2011 Is the National Best Bid or Offer (NBBO) being ignored? Julio
06/08/2011 Desarrollos recientes en la micro-estructura de los mercados Agosto
24/11/2011 BATS Global Markets, Inc/Chi-X Europe Limited merger inquiry Noviembre
02/04/2012 Clean sweep, informed trading through intermarket sweep orders Abril
17/04/2012 Who's afraid of the dark? Abril
06/11/2012 Dark pools internalization and equity market quality Noviembre
15/02/2013 Dark trading on public exchanges Febrero
15/07/2013 Market Evolution June 2013** Julio
13/08/2013 Trading less competitive markets is costly* Agosto
06/10/2013 Effects of lit and dark market fragmentation Octubre
07/10/2013 Equity market structure literature review: Market fragmentation** Octubre
06/01/2014 Dark liquidity and high frequency trading Enero
14/02/2014 Europe chartbook Febrero
20/02/2014 Global Transaction Cost Index* Febrero
03/03/2014 MiFID II: The New Transparency Regime Marzo
06/03/2014 How slow is the NBBO? A comparison* Marzo
01/01/2015 Presentación AMIB 2015 Enero
06/03/2015 BIVA Competencia en las Bolsas de Valores** Marzo
31/05/2015 The Cure for Stock-Market Fragmentation More Exchanges WSI** Mayo
29/06/2015 Democratizar el acceso al Mercado Bursatil Mexicano** Junio
08/07/2015 Don't panic! Market fragmentation will save you!** Julio
05/08/2015 Are the big stock exchanges still critically important? Agosto
05/11/2015 Estadísticas de Casas de Bolsa Noviembre
31/01/2016 Precisión del Mercado AMIB Enero
04/04/2017 Enhacing Liquidity in Emerging Market Exchanges - Oliver Wyman (World Federation of Exchanges) Abril
15/02/2018 2017 Market Highlights - WFE Febrero
06/03/2018 Competition for order flow and smart order routing systems Marzo
06/03/2018 Crecimiento y profundización del sector financiero en México Marzo
06/03/2018 Dark pool exclusivity matters Marzo
19/06/2018 OECD - equity markets development in latam- enhancing access to corporate finance* Junio
19/06/2018 OECD Survey of CG Frameworks in LATAM 2018 Junio
19/06/2018 OECD - Mexico Equity market development in Latin America 2018** Junio
19/06/2018 OECD - Mexico Equity market development in Latin America 2018** Junio
06/08/2011 Effects of competition between multiple platforms* Agosto
06/03/2013 Equity trading in fragmented markets US & Canada** Marzo
05/06/2013 Analysis of market segmentation in the US equities market - Kwan, Hatheway, Zheng. Junio
19/11/2013 Dark trading and price discovery Noviembre
06/03/2018 Effects of new stock exchange on IPO process Marzo
07/07/2012 Internalization and market quality - Danieal Weaver (Rutgers University) Julio
22/10/2015 The Impact of Limit Order Anonymity on Liquidity - Carole Comerton-Forde, Alex Frino and Vito Mollica (University of Sydney) Octubre
20/05/2016 Benefits of Exchange Competition - Rosenblatt ** Mayo
30/05/2014 The curious case of changes in trading dynamics when firms switch from NYSE to Nasdaq - Thu Phuong Pham, David Michayluk Mayo 2014

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